Cities across the globe are on fire, and four Americans are stranded in Marseilles.  Daily life is becoming increasingly difficult with escalating violence, government controls, and a real question of survival. With their future uncertain, their only hope is native born fashion designer, Madame Zaza. After Marseilles was developed at the O’Neill Playwrights Conference. Five characters – 3 F, 2 M, Old Port.

ACTS OF LOVE – A collection of short plays, including:

THE BRIDGE OF BELHARBOUR – On the north shore of Boston, a plumber comes   to fix the sink and his life unravels. Two characters – 1 M, I F, one-piece set – part of a kitchen overlooking the ocean.

EXHIBITION – Christmas Eve in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Two lonely people try to connect over a painting, but Katie Valentine and Alex Ainbinder are just not meant to happen. Two characters – 1 M, 1 F, one-piece set – the gallery of a museum.

STATUES – A religious statuary maker and a high school English teacher unexpectedly discover love. Two characters – 1 M, 1F, one-piece set – inside of a statue factory.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS – When the Dean of the English Department gets a surprise visit from an old lover applying for job he’s not qualified for. Two characters –1 M, 1 F, one-piece set – a University office.

SUNDAY AT FIVE ON THE COTE  D’AZUR – A honeymoon on the Riviera goes from bad to worse, boding poorly for the continuation of this marriage. Three characters – 2 M, 1F, one-piece set – Hotel room.

THE SEARCH COMMITTE – A Search Committee at a university meet to choose a candidate for Dean and academic mayhem ensues. Six characters – 3M, 3F, one-piece set – an office.

Plays in the ACTS OF LOVE collection have been produced at the following theatres:
Goodman, Center Stage Baltimore, Manhattan Theatre Club, Women’s Project, Regional theatres, and universities.


A new comedy about two sisters vying for the love of their long deceased mother. Chaos erupts, with an unexpected good ending. Six characters – 3M, 3F, two-piece set  – living rooms in a house and an apartment. Commissioned and premiere held at the Invisible Theatre, Tucson, AZ, January 2012

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