A QUESTION OF COUNTRY, a full length play.

A white woman and a black woman secretly form a grass roots organization to fight against apartheid in the early 1970’s in Cape Town. The subsequent conflicts and collision of cultures, despite the victories, prove the impossibility of that friendship in post-apartheid South Africa. Race and class in South Africa as in the U.S., prove an impediment to real progress. It remains unequal. Victory is in increments

5 M, 5F (3 Black F, 2 Caucasian F, 3 Black M, 1 Caucasian M, 1 Colored* M)

*As designated in Apartheid South Africa

Awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship, the project has had workshops at the McCarter Theatre, Culture Project, NYC, Emerson College, and the Negro Ensemble Company, NYC in 2011.


A book of collected memoir essays including “The New Spring Coat” published in the Paterson Literary Review, 2012-2013, and “The Piano”, published in The Minetta Review, and Next Stop Hollywood, (Macmillan).

Once upon a time there was a piano. It was big and black and shiny, and it stood behind the French glass doors that led to my grandmother’s front parlor. The keys were genuine ivory, made from the tusk of an African elephant, and paid for fifty cents a week to the Ivers & Pond Company.

From “The Piano” by Janet Neipris.

The coat was meant to be saved for special occasions, like the Easter Parade, when all the Catholics in the neighborhood went to church, and us Jewish kids, not to be left out, put on our finery and marched back and forth on Blue Hill Avenue.

From “The New Spring Coat” by Janet Neipris


A new collection of lectures, a sequel to “To Be A Playwright”.