Book and Lyrics by Janet Neipris and Barbara Greenberg

Music by Janet Neipris

Produced by the National Theatre, London. It is published by Samuel French in London and the U.S. It has been performed worldwide.

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A children’s musical. Jeremy is the only son of the king and queen of a mythical kingdom. Everyone in the kingdom thinks Jeremy is not too smart, including his parents, the King and Queen. He has no confidence in himself. Whatever he does seems to turn out badly…until F.G., his fairy godmother, gives him a thinking machine for his birthday. Overnight he turns into a kind of genius is appointed “Royal Thinker” and his whole life changes. But when the machine breaks down, and Jeremy’s mother, the Queen, falls into a well, he has to think her out himself.


“There’s no machine like the human brain/ It won’t get cold and rusty if you use it in the rain
You don’t have to give it power/ You don’t have to keep it clean
You don’t have to put some money in/ Or feed it gasoline
The human brain makes the world go round
You get it on the day you’re born / It only weighs a pound
And it’s not an imitation / And it’s absolutely free
And it comes with installation / And a lifetime guarantee”

CAST: 3 men, 2 women, and townspeople (as many as you’d like)