A first play revue was by Elliot Norton in the Boston Globe. Janet Neipris’s work has been called compelling, hilarious, serious, well crafted, moving, wise, sophisticated, and a merging of illusion and reality Walter Goodman, in the New York Times, said
“Neipris is trying to touch something much deeper than the funny-bone.
That says it all. Individual reviews are listed with each play.

In preparation for writing TO BE A PLAYWRIGHT, and a Chapter on “Critics”, I came across the following letter I once wrote to a critic, concerning a production of “The Desert” at the Sharon, Connecticut Playhouse, featuring Dann Florek, before his “Law And Order” days.

Dear Critic,
In regards to your recent review of my play “The Desert” in the Connecticut New York Times, I am offended by your callousness. Certainly you must think those of us playwrights who do have the courage to hang in there, open up your review without feeling, without friends and family and colleagues to read “THE DESERT IS A DUD”.

There are many playwrights who claim, “Oh, I never read reviews”, but I do because maybe there’s something that can be learned from them. I am sorry you failed to understand my play.

 Though I try not to take these things too personally, I am human, and you managed to hurt both my family and me deeply by your non-constructive insults. Having survived, however, I am back at my desk writing. Please do not come to review one of my plays again.

Yours truly,
Janet Neipris

I never sent the letter, but kept it for years, on my desk, sealed in an envelope.
There are many fine critics, in the tradition of Elliot Norton, who earn our deep respect for their intelligence, evenhandedness, and constructive criticism.